Attentus Small Business Solutions

Attentus Accounting and Tax Solutions

If you are a Individual taxpayers, Small business owners, planning a new start-up business or you are obligated to file tax returns and adhere to all statutory compliance, we are here for you

Fixed fee services

  • Company tax return and arrear returns
  • Individual tax return (per director) and arrear returns
  • Tax clearance application
  • Provisional tax calculations and returns and top up September calculation
  • Monthly management accounts (processing of bank, daily transactions, sales etc)

Included in fixed monthly fee

  • Amendments to statutory records/information at SARS/CIPC/DOL (UIF)
    (Amendments with regards to company details at SARS and CIPC eg change in address, directors and members, etc)
  • Email correspondence with office contact person - Linda/Juanita
  • SARS reviews of tax returns - preparations and submitting of supporting documents

Typical services/returns to be excluded in determination of fixed fee

  • Annual return CIPC (as cost to CIPC is based on company's turnover)
  • Annual Financial Statements compilaton
  • Assistance in preparation of SARS audits
  • BEE EME Certificate
  • Consultation with accountant/tax practitioner
  • Letters from accountant to third parties confirming earnings, registrations etc
  • New SARS registrations
  • New statutory registrations (UIF, Compensation commissioner etc)
  • New company registrations and name reservations

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New Company Registrations

A private company is the most common and simplest form of company to be registered. It is comparable to a close corporation. Close corporations are no longer registered.

To register a new company, you will need the following detail:

  • 4 names for your new company in order of preference
  • Company physical address
  • Company postal address
  • Company Telephone
  • Company Email

The following detail of all Directors and Shareholders:

  • Full Names and Surnames
  • ID numbers
  • Copies of ID's
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Residential address
  • Shareholder's % shares